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Most Crime By Repeat Offenders

Many of the crimes committed in Central New Jersey are committed by repeat and prolific offenders — those with more than five felony convictions. And the vast majority of those repeat offenders in Central New Jersey share at least one type of crime in common — a drug offense — according to a Gannett New Jersey review of state conviction records. Starting March 18, 2007 you can search for any offender by name on the Home News Tribune's public records site. Visit and click on "NJ Conviction Records" to begin your search. The records, once available only from courthouse computers or from Internet information vendors who charged up to $50 a search, are free to review on DataUniverse.

The Sex Offender Registry You Can't See

Under the so-called "restricted" sex offender registry 41 convicted sex offenders have successfully petitioned the Connecticut court to limit access to that information. Their status as a sex offender will be known for "law enforcement purposes only." The statute says in part that shielded registration is available when there is a family relationship between the offender and the victim, and if the court finds that "publication of the registration information would be likely to reveal the identity of the victim." At the end of February, there were 4,529 on the public registry. Another 41 were on the restricted list, according to the executive officer for the registry, state police Sgt. Samuel Izzarelli.

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Licenses May Identify Offenders

TULSA, Okla.- A new bill is being considered in Tulsa, Oklahoma which would tell if someone shouldn't be around kids. The place to be at least Monday afternoon is the playground at Eisenhower International School. But the school isn't a place where registered sex offenders should be in or around and at least one parent says she does worry about that. A proposed law would make it so registered sex offenders could be identified by their driver licenses if they went into a school for something like a delivery. Some parents say it’s a great idea while others aren’t so sure. “It would be different if the words pedophile were on there-- but sex offender may be something stupid somebody did in college-- I mean it covers a huge variety of offenses and to me-- it's too vague-- it's too big.” “I know they give fake addresses and you don't know where they are all the time-- and once you show that id then you'll know they're a registered sex offender.”

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New Web Site Enable Internet Users to Obtain Any Information that is Public Record

Deerfield Beach, FL, is a one of a kind website which brings to the World Wide Web the ease of finding public records that provide vital information to employers, businesses, and individuals. creates a one source site where browsers can access direct links to US and global public records to check birth, death, marriage, and divorce records, credit reports, employment records, criminal records, insurance frauds, as well as migration records. “In the global world that is fast moving it is becoming increasingly essential to be able to verify confidentially information provided by potential employees, business partners, customers, and so on,” revealed a company spokesman, “the internet is a maze where often valuable time is wasted in searching for accurate and reliable information, will save time and money and bring the best gateways that enable background checks to one site.”

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Two Firms Form Alliance To Offer Background Checks

The Bordes Group and Information Security Consultants, both located in Florida, have joined forces to offer employment background screening along with the other services they have provided for several years.Initially, the background screening service was offered to fill the gap in security programs of many of the firm's existing clients. It has now been expanded and is being offered to additional firms and agencies that have a need for an inexpensive and easy to access background screening program.

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Easy Guns at Ranges Lend Themselves to Suicides

Yet another gun range is being criticized after suicides there. Like the fabled Don’s Guns, lots of gun ranges offer rental firearms to anyone who walks in the door. And as a result, those gun ranges are seeing gun violence, most commonly in the form of suicides. Now, this incident is unlike many other suicides at the firearm range, because in this case, Hartzel was on the verge of actually obtaining a permit to carry or possess a gun. In many cases, firearm range owners will simply rent guns out, even to people who don’t have permits and haven’t gone through any background checks, for use on the range.

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Nano Technology

Sorry to report there is no such new discovery by NASA, but the headline sure got your attention.

This is the power of a great headline and I could not think of a better way to demonstrate it to you.
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Take the Guesswork Out of Hiring Call Center Employees

In order to fill your call centers with the most qualified agents, you need to conduct assessments and simulations before the interview process even begins. Tossing a coin may be a good way to start a football game, but it's a lousy way to select new employees. Yet, tossing a coin is comparable to the hiring practices of most call centers. Many companies' processes for screening applicants may seem thorough. But they tend to suffer from a serious flaw, which is that companies don't see candidates in action before they hire them. When a company extends a job offer, the fundamental question remains unanswered: How will this person perform? Performance is only one uncertainty. Other questions persist. How does the candidate handle stress? Hiring practices seldom include observations of call center candidates under job-related conditions. With one company we worked with, the performance of the call centers was critical to the overall company's success. Faced with the continuing need to provide better service at lower costs in the call centers, they used us to help them rewrite their approach to screening, assessing and observing applicants. The success achieved was measurably greater than it was with the previous method of hiring agents, which was probably about as good as tossing a coin.

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One of the true test of any association or organization is the added value it gives to its members. In today’s fast pace environment busy professionals have to make choices about how to spend their time and which organizations they want to be associated with. The following is one person’s experience that clearly demonstrates the value that NAPBS has contributed to him.

According to Craig Caddell, Vice President, Reference Pro, 415-606-6365,, “NAPBS has provided Reference Pro, a wholesale employment and education verification provider, with direct access to our target customer group. Additionally, the NAPBS Provider Committee has given us a voice and an opportunity to contribute to the guidelines for verifications and references in the industry. We are very proud of the rapid progress NAPBS has made and our role as a founding member.”


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New Nano Technology Threatens to End Miraculous Growth of Background Screening Industry

An amazing discovery has been made by NASA scientist who have been researching nano technology applications use as an unique way of identifying astronaut when they return from trips to outer space. In a series of test scientist have been successful identifying specific astronauts with a nano device implanted in the left arm that can be read from as far as 5 miles away with new radio way similar to RFID.



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IntegraScreenTM Partners with British High Commission for Document Verification New Screening Process to Speed up UK Visa Applications

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India, The British High Commission in India and I IntegraScreenTM, an international provider of document and information verification services, today announced a voluntary scheme to expedite the processing of visas for travellers to the UK. Applicants for U.K. visas can now choose to speed up their applications by sending their documents and related information for verification to IntegraScreenTM. The new scheme also includes VFS, the British High Commission’s commercial partner, who collect and dispatch visa applications for the U.K. Customers who wish to use this service – which is not compulsory – should first complete a form available from VFS or at They can then submit the completed form, and the fee for verification, along with photocopies of supporting documents, to any VFS application centre. For customers who wish to go to the UK on a temporary basis (e.g. students, HSMP), the verification fee is INR 5,900. For customers who wish to live permanently in the UK, the fee is INR 10,800. These fees are in addition to the visa fee, and are not refundable. Supporting documents are those such as educational qualifications and professional qualifications, employment details, bank statements and property ownership documents.

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Indian BPO's fight CV fraud

Falsification of resumes, impersonators, in brief people recruitment is the biggest problem faced by about 15-20% of the IT-ITeS sector. The problem needs to be tackled at a country level, wherein the government has a unique identification number like the social security number in the US for every citizen. Cases of potential employees falsifying resumes exists in all industries. However screening of employees is more stringent in BPOs mainly to maintain a secure environment where customer data is protected and to eliminate information security breaches.To solve these problems, Nasscom had launched the National Skills Registry (NSR) in January 2006. The NSR is a centraliszd database of employees of the IT services and BPO companies, which many companies use to run background checks on their employees. Currently, a little over 50,000 employees from around 32 companies including Satyam, TCS, Genpact, WNS, Wipro and Firstsource have registered with the NSR, according to Nasscom.

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Ten Tales of Betrayal: The Threat to Corporate Infrastructure by Information Technology Insiders Analysis and Observations

This report offers an overview and analysis of 10 significant cases of information technology (IT) insider events in which trust betrayal occurred by an insider or former insider, having had legitimate access to a critical information system. The report details the abused or violated trust for personal advantage or to exact revenge on a person ororganization. In each case the actions of a disgruntled or self-interested offender seriouslydamaged or compromised the operability of a critical information system. The report also includes a discussion of common themes and patterns emerging from theexamination of these incidents and lessons learned from each incident having implications for corporate policy or national security.

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Insider Threat Study: Computer System Sabotage in Critical Infrastructure Sectors

The insider Threat Study (ITS) was designed to analyze these incidents from both a behavioral and a technical perspective. The cases examined in the Insider Threat Study are incidents perpetrated by insiders (current or former employees or contractors) who intentionally exceeded or misused an authorized level of network, system, or data access in a manner that affected the security of the organizations’ data, systems, or daily business operations. Cases involved incidents that have occurred in critical infrastructure sectors between 1996 and 2002. Research for this report found that the majority of the insiders who committed acts of sabotage were former employees who had held technical positions with the targeted organizations. As a result of their involvement in the incidents reviewed for this study, almost all of the insiders were charged with criminal offenses. The majority of these charges were based on violations of federal law. The key findings from this study of insider sabotage across critical infrastructure sectors are the following:

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Our intent is to continuous add relevant information to create a valuable resource that will be used over and over by anyone looking for information on doing international background verifications, vetting or verifications. It includes information on EU countries data protection and other laws, Canada, terrorist searches and much more. Also included is very practical information on time zones, locating cities, etc. Check it out and I am sure you will want to Bookmark it so you can use it over and over. To view the International Section go to and look under the line in the middle of the page:


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Gunman Wounds 3, Kills Self At California Workplace

SIGNAL HILL, California (AP) -- A disgruntled employee shot and seriously wounded three co-workers at a menu printing plant Monday before killing himself as a SWAT team entered the building, authorities said.The man, about 67, entered Kenyon Press shortly after 9 a.m., walked past a superior and opened fire on three co-workers with a semiautomatic handgun, police Capt. Mary Risinger said.The business owner told police the man had indicated he was upset about a reduction in work affecting all employees, Risinger said. It was not known how long the gunman had worked there or when the cutback was announced."The employees recently had their hours cut back," Risinger said. "So he was upset about that, about not having enough work."

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 Infinity Screening is Real

Security increasing at DIA

The federal government is stepping up security at Denver International Airport, implementing random employee screening. In Denver, the agency recently began random checks of DIA employees moving from restricted parts of the airport - such as the tarmac - to secure areas on the other side of the main security checkpoints. DIA's 30,000 workers have to clear extensive background checks and threat assessments before they're hired, and they must scan their badges to access different areas of the airport. But they aren't subject on a daily basis to the same rigid process used to screen passengers. Under the new program, a group of handpicked TSA workers conducts searches of employees at unannounced entry points - at undisclosed times - around the airport. Employees must remove metal objects, jackets and hats and are subject to a pat-down and screening with a handheld wand. The checks, which the TSA implemented at more than 100 U.S. airports, are tailored for every type of employee, including mechanics, pilots, gate agents and customer service workers.

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