Health and Safety Canada 2005 - Violence in the Workplace Spotlighted at Canada's Largest Health and Safety Conference

    TORONTO, April 1 /CNW/ - Canada has been ranked as the fourth worst country in the world for
 violence in the workplace, behind Argentina, Romania, and France, according to the International
 Labour Organization (ILO). In the U.S., the Bureau of Labour Statistics notes that workplace 
homicide is the third most frequent cause of employee deaths after highway accidents and falls. Vital
lessons that Canadian workplaces need to learn about violence in the workplace and public safety will
be in the spotlight as IAPA launches Health and Safety Canada 2005 Conference and Trade Show on
Monday, April 4, 2005 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, South Building. Canada's premier 
Health and safety organization, IAPA (Industrial Accident Prevention Association) will explore workplace 
Violence and the leadership role of Canadian and international business leaders in dealing with this 
Growing epidemic.
    According to IAPA President and CEO Maureen Shaw, "Workplace violence is a growing epidemic. 
Managing workplace health and safety and planning for emergencies requires a leadership commitment
and should be a key part of any employer's health and safety program."
    The Opening Day VIP lineup includes Julian Fantino, Ontario's newly appointed Commissioner of 
Emergency Management and former Chief of the Toronto Police Service. Mr. Fantino will introduce the 
opening ceremony's keynote speaker Charles Moose, who was head of the 2002 multi-jurisdictional task
force assigned to apprehend the headline-making "DC serial snipers." Mr. Moose 
will talk about leadership, crisis communications, team building, community relations and public safety.
    IAPA's 88th annual conference is the focal point of Canada's health and safety community. "Effective 
Results Through Learning and Sharing" is the theme of this year's conference which will feature celebrated 
keynote speakers from around the world, leading-edge sessions, workshops and professional development 
    IAPA is a not-for-profit, member-driven organization and a leading authority on providing health and safety
solutions. The association is the largest of its kind in Canada, representing more than 47,000 Ontario employees
with over 1.5 million employees. In 2004, IAPA was officially designated as a World Health Organization (WHO)
Collaborating Centre in occupational health, one of the only three such centres in Canada. IAPA is also the only 
Centre among 56 worldwide to assume the title of a "WHO Collaborating Centre in Workplace Injury and Illness 
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