Robbers are very nervous when they are holding up someone and they are frequently armed with a gun. The typical robber is a young man who has a criminal record. Following are tips to help reduce the chances that your taxicab will be a target. The most important element to consider if you are robbed is to minimize the possibility of injury. Cash can be recovered, a life cannot.

The Cab Driver Situation 

Cab drivers are in a unique situation. They intentionally invite strangers into their vehicle. There is inherent risk in this situation, because the Taxi Driver knows little or nothing about the fare they have just picked up. Being aware of this vulnerable position is the first step towards reducing your risks.

Crime Prevention Tips 

All criminals are looking for the easiest opportunity to commit a crime. Having set policies and procedures for handling money and customers can reduce your chance of being chosen by the robbers. The following are suggestions which can reduce the likelihood of being a victim of robbery.

 Before the Robbery

 During the Robbery

After the Robbery

If possible, remain at the scene until the police arrive.

If you have been robbed, have your dispatcher call 911 immediately and be prepared to provide a description of the robber(s).


Your life is the most important asset. Protect it by having a plan and following the listed precautions.

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