HCC board of trustees unveils new policy on workplace violence

By Mark Berry-The Hutchinson News


The Hutchinson Community College board of trustees had the first reading of a workplace violence policy Thursday night.

The board is expected to vote on the policy at the next board meeting in March. The college has never had a workplace violence policy, but is required to have one by the Occupational Safety Health Administration, said President Ed Berger.

The college has not had recent incidents of violence, Berger said.  Consideration of the policy started last year, when the college worked with the Hutchinson Police Department on a crisis management plan.

The policy states that any person who makes threats, exhibits threatening behavior or engages in violent acts on property owned or leased by the college or at a college-sponsored event, may be removed from the premises.  Off-site threats directed towards HCC employees conducting official business is also a violation of the policy. Violations can lead to dismissal, arrest or prosecution, the policy states.