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February 25, 2010

Have You Ever Wondered Despite Your Diligent Pre-Show Marketing Efforts, Why Attendees Walk by Your Booth Rather Than Enter It?

Picture this: You’re walking around a shopping mall and happen upon a store with blacked-out windows and no logos, images, or text to hint at what’s inside. Unless you’re super curious and have time to burn, you probably stroll on by.

The same concepts at play in the mall scenario apply to trade shows. Even the most willing buyers won’t step foot inside your space unless: a) they can see enough to determine what you’re offering and that it’s of value to them, and/or b) your exhibit contains a hint of something exciting inside that they simply can’t resist. So before you fiddle with your overall exhibit design, make sure your exhibit communicates who your company is and what it’s offering.

Start by examining your exhibit from the attendees’ perspective. Is your company logo or brand clearly visible to attract attention as they look at your booth from various angles? Are there clearly visible images or text that tells them what you’re selling? Better yet, does the booth sell them on why your product or service beats the competition or offers a compelling sales proposition?

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February 2010

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