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February, 2010

With economic recovery on the horizon, it's time to revisit the wisdom of rock-bottom prices.
Call it the year of the fire sale: Squeezed by an historic recession, U.S. companies have slashed prices more deeply and cut deals more often than at any time in the past 50 years. In their rush to revive demand and win sales, many companies simply threw out the playbook on customer segmentation and product value. "Companies moved away from value-based pricing to being highly reactive to competitors and relying on cost-plus pricing," says Jamie Rapperport, founder and executive vice president of software firm Vendavo. "Many companies took business as long as it was priced above variable cost, in an effort to help cover their fixed costs." Often the price cuts went hand-in-hand with head-count reductions and other cost-cutting moves. But cost-cutting goes only so far. Now, with the economy finally swinging upward and customer demand beginning to thaw, companies should reconsider what they charge for their products. Pricing, after all, is one of the most effective levers of profitability. "There's nothing you can do as a company as quickly to improve profitability — and nothing you can do as quickly to destroy profitability — as change your pricing," says Andre Weber, a partner at Simon-Kucher & Partners. It's a delicate art.

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Any one of these five signs could mean it's time to change your pricing strategy, says Reed Holden of Holden Advisors)

February 2010

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